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Efficient, versatile and reliable heating for diverse vehicles

Integrated heat exchangers from Webasto harness the engine’s residual heat, integrating seamlessly into the coolant circuit. These are designed for the use in commercial vehicles, minibuses, off-highway, special vehicle and boats. Webasto offers efficient heat exchanger systems with capacities ranging from 3.8 to 13.0 kW.

Integrated heat exchangers from Webasto offer low energy consumption, flexibility in installation, and a long service life, ensuring optimal heating for a range of vehicles and vessels.

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Key Features

Optimal heat utilisation

Harness the engine's residual heat via the coolant circuit, ensuring efficient cabin heating across various vehicle types.

Energy-efficient design

These heat exchangers consume minimal energy, requiring power only for the fan and circulation pump, making them ideal for diverse vehicles.

Reliability and durability

Heat exchangers from Webasto, crafted from high-quality components, stand out for their reliability and extended service life across vehicle categories.

Flexible installation options

Choose the installation position for your heat exchanger, be it under the dashboard or the roof, ensuring optimal integration into different vehicle structures.

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