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All in One Platform, Better Visibility with better outcomes.

The automated safety and performance system allows companies who run fleet vehicles and or mobile engineers, to manage its risk by utilising connected cameras, compliance, and telematics software in one single package.

Companies are able to collect, store and analyse data designed to help identify any potential safety and performance issues. The software not only optimises your fleet performance, it enables drivers to become the best road users they can be.

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Drive Your Business Forward Safer & Much Smarter.

Key Features


Powerful fleet safety performance data, insights, and dashboards.


Monitor fleet at a glance, or zoom in on a specific vehicle at the touch of a button.


Smart alerts, reports, and notifications mean you always have your finger on the pulse.


Real time fleet GPS tracking and live telematics monitor drivers’ route, speed and fuel efficiency.

Hours of Service

Keep drivers within legal HOS limits with tacho downloads.


DVS/FORS/CLOCS compliant with remote compliance reporting via app.

Integrated Video

View video clips of harsh driving events within minutes of them happening.

Maintenance Scheduling

Vehicle service reminders and management and repair costs portal.

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